I’m Max. My main claim to fame is doing machine learning in industry, first at KUNGFU.AI applying ML for businesses as an engineer, and now at cohere.for.ai doing research! My work has touched domains like computer vision, natural language processing, audio, and unsupervised learning. Here’s a list of the cooler projects I’ve done, during which my role always fell under “make the neural network work”:

At for.ai, I’m working on a research project around data pruning.

I play ultimate frisbee on Riverside, enjoy backpacking where I can forget about the anthropocene, have spent a whopping <REDACTED> hours playing Dota 2 (go ex-EG/SR), lift, and hang out in my backyard with my cat. I grew up here in Austin, went to school in Los Angeles, then moved back home.

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my str8 up email (remove the hightech captcha): m m a r i o n 5 3 8 @ < r o b o t s g o a w a y > @ g m a i l